Case: Aavi Technologies trusts CHS in cargo to and from China

Air purifier manufacturer Aavi Technologies thanks CHS for its personal and rapid service. Cargo to and from China is reliably and smoothly handled by CHS’ forwarding team.
Case Aavi - CHS Kiinan rahti

Chinese parent company owned Aavi Technologies has collaborated with CHS for many years already, with active cargo to and from China: components, prototypes, equipment parts and ready products move from one country to the other at regular intervals.

CHS became Aavi’s main forwarding partner approximately two years ago. Vice President at Aavi Technologies Kirsi-Marja Kuusisto thanks CHS Group for the all-inclusive collaboration:

“CHS helps us get the products smoothly all the way from the factory to the receiver. All the different steps in the process are handled by CHS: transport from the factory, loading the products into containers, documentation, and communication with the Chinese logistics company.”

Aavi manufactures air purifiers for households, schools, office building and industry. The products vary in size and their surface is delicate, so special consideration has to be given to careful packaging and handling during the transport.

“For households especially, our purifiers are design products and we have invested a great deal into the appearance. The gold, white and silver surface is delicate, and it is vital to maintain it in impeccable condition even on a long journey,” says Kuusisto.

Keeping costs in check even in a state of emergency

The long collaboration between Aavi and CHS makes operations easier. There is a good routine for handling transports, as all the necessary document are known and already in order. Kuusisto is also satisfied with the costs:

“I have held many competitive tenderings and CHS has been able to keep cost effective and flexible, considering its size. All in all, we are very satisfied,” Kuusisto says.

In spring 2020 the corona pandemic put sea freights under pressure, so CHS ”engined” another form of transport.

“CHS has managed to patch challenges in sea freight by arranging freights by train from Finland to China. The trip takes about two weeks and the costs are set comfortably in between sea and air freight,” says Kuusisto.

After China reopened its factories and manufacturing continued, components, moulds and other purifier parts manufactured in Europe were needed at factories rapidly. As sea freight takes a long time and air freight’s capacity is too limited, rail freights have turned out to be a viable alternative for Aavi.

Collaboration with CHS is smooth and solution-oriented

In addition to re-routing, CHS’ forwarding expert helps Aavi in all stages of the logistics chain. Being on top of the information, many documents and register numbers needed for different products in exports and imports between Europe and China is a part of CHS’ professionalism.

“We also have had quite a bit of learning to do in all the different documents, and the help from CHS’ forwarding agent is much appreciated,” Kuusisto remarks. CHS has also managed to successfully tackle even acute problem situations:

“One weekend we noticed that we had added the wrong documents to a shipment, and we were able to take care of the situation together with CHS’ contact person almost immediately. Everything was solved already on Sunday.”

From Aavi’s perspective, the collaboration has been altogether smooth and made everyday work easier. Kuusisto says that she finds CHS’ knowledgeable contact person to be the very best part of the collaboration:

“I can ask my named contact person nearly anything. I don’t have to consider whether it is an export of import issue, sea or air freight, my contact person will know what to do and start working on the issue right away.”