Case: Tamspark relies on Scanlink's freight services

Scanlink Oy's Branch Manager Jarmo Sundin and Tamspark Oy's COO Heidi Henttonen-Sorri exchanged information face to face at the Konepaja fair in Tampere at Tamspark's booth.

The Finnish company Tamspark Oy an importer of machine tools, 3D printers and scanners, thanks Scanlink for its personal and prompt service. Road freight from Europe to Finland is handled smoothly and on time.

Tamspark has been cooperating with Scanlink for almost two years. Scanlink has succeeded in meeting Tamspark's expectations in a short time, and the partnership has become strong.

The company's COO Heidi Henttonen- Sorri says that the most important criteria for Tamspark when choosing a transport partner is delivery reliability. Heidi continues:

"The most important thing for us in our transport is to get our products from Europe to Finland intact and usually also on a quick schedule. With Scanlink, we can trust that the schedules are as stated, that the products are taken care of and that the delivery is in the yard when agreed".

Tamspark's service offering also includes machine installations, training, and aftermarket services for customers. In Henttonen-Sorri's opinion, it is important to take care of customers and understand their needs. A similar way of working has made our cooperation even closer.

"I don't have to wait a long time for answers to my questions, and in addition, Scanlink's friendly and expert service has received many thanks from us. This is important for the smooth running of the business," Henttonen-Sorri explains.

In addition to road transport, Scanlink helps Tamspark with various documents and prepares import documents ready, this makes logistical arrangements much easier.

For Tamspark, one important factor in choosing a logistics partner is domesticity.

"We want to work with Finnish companies as much as possible, and support smaller companies, so that domestic companies can stay involved in the current competition. Scanlink is the perfect road freight partner for us, as a domestic, expert and reliable logistics operator. In addition, it's nice to work with Scanlink's friendly and competent staff", thanks Heidi.

Top 3 best things about Scanlink:

1. Smooth and friendly customer service
2. Reliability in the supply chain
3. Domestic operator