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Changes to tolls in Hungary, Germany and Austria

Heavy traffic tolls will increase in Hungary on October 1, 2023, in Germany on December 1, 2023 and in Austria on January 1, 2024. In the future, e.g., in Germany, a CO₂ surcharge will be billed along with the toll for trucks. In addition, the toll limit drops from 7.5 tons to >3.5 tons.

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Juha Harjula has bought all shares of CHS Group

CHS Group has completed an ownership change. CHS Group's shareholder Juha Harjula has bought through his company Nebu Investments Oy all shares of all CHS Group companies from CHS Holding Oy owned by Heikki Halmetoja. CHS Group includes CHS Air & Sea Oy, CHS Solutions Oy, Scanlink Oy and Tempro Oy

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New CHS Group video

We created a new CHS Group video. The video briefly describes CHS Group's operations and our modes of transportation. Scanlink Oy Ltd belongs to CHS Group and works as an expert in road freight. Logistics can be easy when you have professionals to help you.

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Network meeting in Athens

CHS Group participated in an international partner network meeting held in Athens, Greece on May 18-21, 2022. The main focus of the event was on road freight and to develop cooperation between our global partners.

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Olympiahuuma CHS

The Summer Olympics will begin soon

The joint container of the Finnish Olympic Committee and the Paralympic Committee, operated by CHS Group, has arrived at the Tokyo Olympic Games Village. The dismantling of the container has already begun and preparations are well under way.

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