Luotettavat ulkomaankuljetukset

We offer individual transportation, forwarding and warehousing services as well as versatile supply chain management solutions – anything and anywhere in the world.

CHS is a fast-growing domestic family business which is one of the largest independent forwarding and logistics companies in Finland.

We are known as a flexible and well-networked partner.

Reliable road transport

We are an expert in international road transport and we are specialized in semi-trailer transport. We export and import various types of shipments between Finland and Europe on weekly basis.

The fuel surcharge for both domestic and international transport is updated weekly. Due to the current situation, the fuel surcharge is now 30% in Continental Europe and 33 % in Sweden and Norway.

CHS Group’s other services

We provide customised transportations, forwarding and storage services as well as versatile delivery management solutions everywhere in the world. You will always get the best solution for your needs and prompt customer service.

Transport tracking

Our shipments are always scheduled. Driver reports are available from every unloading and loading location and with continuous tracking you know where your shipments are moving.

Personal touch

Our operations are customer oriented. Our customers trust us, because we stand behind the promises we make and the actions we take.

Modern equipments

High-quality equipments guarantees reliable transportations as well as fast unloading and loading. Experienced drivers keep transports on schedule.

Efficient logistics

Our road transportation network covers whole Finland, Europe, as well as the Middle East, Far East and other distant destinations.

CHS Group transportation services cover all forms of transportations and customs procedures everywhere in the world: air freight, sea freight, road freight and rail freight. Special services support your business with temperature-controlled transportations, culture and art logistics, fair and event logistics and project and special transportations. Joint planning, years of experience and competent partners ensure our success in these demanding assignments.

You define the pace and direction!

Scanlink’s focus is on customer experience. Export or import - all your shipments matter!

Weekly departures

At its fastest, both export and import transportations are available to the customer within three days of loading. The normal delivery schedule for international shipments (for example German) is 4-5 days after shipment.