Scanlink Oy Ltd is a Finnish transport professional and road transport expert operating in Turku, Southwest Finland, which offers versatile solutions for intra-European export and import transports.

Scanlink is part of the CHS Group, whose service offering includes individual transportation, forwarding and warehousing services as well as supply chain management solutions worldwide.


+60 Me



Yearly transportations

+18 000


We offer our customers customised services and as companies, we grow together.

Personal touch

Our service is personal both via telephone and through our e-channels.


Our customers trust us, because we stand behind the promises we make and the actions we take.

Expertise in special logistics

We are experienced in taking care of even the most demanding transportations.

Various Value Added services

Value Added services bring additional hands, they save time and add cost-efficiency to logistics.

Constant development

We develop our culture, operations and systems every day. Our customers deserve the best.

We solve your logistics challenges.

We will meet the challenge taking into consideration the demands of your business.