CHS Group is expanding its operations on the road freight side

CHS Group strengthens its already good network in European export and import traffic. CHS Group acquired Scanlink Oy Ltd, which was founded in 1986 in Turku.
Maantierahdin puolella - maantierahti eurooppaan

In connection with the transaction, the 1000 m2 terminal and storage facilities in Rusko (Turku), as well as versatile trailer equipment, will be taken over by CHS Group. Scanlink Ltd traffic managers will become CHS Group's employees and operations will continue and develop further.

Patrik Heikkonen, Business Development Manager at CHS's Turku office, is excited about the expansion. "Throughout its operations, Scanlink Oy has had a customer-oriented approach, and it fits well into the world of CHS, because for us, every shipment and customer needs are always the number one priority."

Patrik's solid experience and professionalism on the road freight side is a great addition to the development of operations, and we feel that in this way CHS will be able to better serve its Finnish corporate customers in exports and imports to Europe.