Scanlink Oy's team was strengthened with an experienced transport coordinator

Scanlink Oy's team strengthened on August 1, 2022, when Eeva Vaskelainen started working as a transport coordinator at the Turku office. Eeva has a significant career in the logistics and forwarding industry, as she has worked versatilely in road, sea, and rail freight since 1996.

In addition to an extensive career, Eeva has also actively studied logistics / transportation. The subject of the final thesis at the University of Applied Sciences was Finland's export to Africa.

What is the best thing about your job? Eeva: "I love this job. The more challenging the gig, the better, because the best reward is a satisfied customer. I also never leave my client in trouble and when the client comes back the next time, I know I did things right for them, that feeling is great."

If you are looking for an experienced partner in road freight transport, contact Scanlink's professionals, we are happy to help you.