Esa Vennola as managing director of Scanlink Oy Ltd

Scanlink Oy Ltd has got a new managing director from within CHS Group while owner Juha Harjula focuses on the role of chairman of the board. On January 1, 2024, Esa Vennola started as the new managing director of Scanlinkin Oy Ltd, a Finnish company specializing in road freight.

Esa has more than 25 years of business experience in the transportation and logistics industry. Along the way, he has had time to work in various expert positions both at home and abroad. For the past ten years, Esa has worked in various management positions.
In recent years, Esa worked for Tempro Oy, a staffing company belonging to the CHS Group.

The experience with CHS Group's Tempro must have brought many perspectives to your new role at Scanlink ?

- Yes, this is very true. Tempro was an excellent vantage point to get to know CHS Group's operations, taking into account all business units. Of course, the work also enabled a very good view of the customer interface, regardless of industry. In the work, you got to know the everyday life of companies operating in import, export and further processing (assembly), which will surely be helpful in the future task.

What is Scanlink's team like?

- Scanlink's current team consists of experienced, solution-oriented and service-minded industry professionals. I am really satisfied with our current team and look forward to moving things forward together.

What aspects do you want to focus on in your new role?

- At the beginning, I will highlight three important things for me. Personnel play a significant role when it comes to providing services. When the team has an open and honest interaction with each other in the work community, this is also reflected positively in the quality of the service, and possible pitfalls can be avoided smoothly.

Another important thing is customer meetings, where you get to truly hear how both the service and the processes work in practice. Customer feedback also supports decision-making when thinking about possible development projects or investments.

As a third thing, I would highlight different partners, who play an important role in our business. By listening to them and bringing customer feedback into the conversation, the right quality level is ensured.

What do you expect from the year that has started?

- In such an economically unstable time, I believe that by working together we can all win. Scanlink's team is agile and quick to react to external variables, which I consider to be a significant advantage for us. I expect that the coming year will be more stable than the last and offer growth opportunities for all of us, including the customers.



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